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The #1 evidence backed breathing method
........."The OA™ program exists to empower everyone with optimal breathing as a foundational tool for health, well-being and performance".
What is the Oxygen Advantage method?
There are a couple of tests the Oxygen Advantage uses to assess how well you are breathing. The Body Oxygen Level Test and the Maximun Breathlessnes Test ( both non invasive).
Depending on the results, a tailored program of breathing practices will be given for you to practice at home.
Normally you will see improvements in as little as a week. Atypical the program lasts for about 6 weeks depending on where you are starting from and your progress. Tailored coaching and catch up sessions are a part of that process. 
Firstly its about learning beneficial breathing mechanics and ensuring you can place these into your day. Further benefits can be gained by a set of graded exercises in breath holding.
Starting very gently, with practice, you will develop a tolerance to the build up of CO2 in your system.

More about this will be explained in the first session, in catch up meetings and the support I will give you throughout.
Suffice to say CO2 is not a waste product, it has a vital role to play in oxygenating the body.
...."Just because its autonomic doesnt mean its optimal"....David Jacko Jackson
We take roughly 25 thousand breaths each day.

Our breathing has been shown to be affected by many environmental factors.
Unhealthy lifestyles, stress, the food
& drink we take in to our bodies, an increasingly fast paced work, existing medical issues and our mental health can impact detrimentally the autonomic operation of our respiratory system.
Learning evidence based techniques can help us to breath more efficiently and we can positively influence the autonomic function of our repiratory system.
When we need it most it will look after us more 
No system works in isolation
and so we can positively influence many aspects of our health via a regular Oxygen Advantage breath training practice. 

Your breath is unique to you ......

As a Breath Coach, I can assess how well you breathe & help you embark upon a training program using evidence based techniques to improve your functional breathing and build real optimisation into physical performance at whatever fitness level.

Our breath is a fundamental of wellbeing.

Taking measures to improve breathing can help steady our minds and give wide ranging physiological benefits.

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Our breath is the connection between our mind and body

Mental states affect body states and vice versa.

Knowing how to breathe to influence mental and physiological states for the better is a learnable skill. 

The Oxygen Advantage breath training method can have a beneficial impact on a variety of mental and physiological components of health.


  • Efficient Breathing at rest & whilst exercising improves respiratory system function

  • Deep relaxation.

  • Regulates our nervous sytem.

  • Consolidates correct switching between stress and relaxation response.

  • Better sleep quality, discourages snoring.

  • Improved and quicker recovery

  • Boosts mental performance & ability to focus.

  • Increases resilience to mental and physical stress.

  • Strengthens Core Muscles

  • Improves posture through strengthening the diaphragm.

  • strengthens immune system.

  • Decreases chronic fatigue symptoms.

  • Improves aerobic capacity

  • Reduces oxidative stress, effectively slowing your aging process

  • Opens airways for better gas exchange

  • Better circulation

  • Calms the mind

  • Reduces anxiety symptoms.

  • Pain Management

                                                                                                   & much more.

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