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Well Mind Coaching

Simon Bradbury dip CBH dip SMRB
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 Hypnosis is essentially focussed attention, in a calm controlled purposefully directed way.

Its about using our imagination to make the changes we'd like to see in our lives.

You might be surprised how normal the process is.

Hypnotherapy can
help you

Here's a short list of issues it's been shown to help 

  • Phobias and fears

  • Habit reduction and reversal

  • Proven to help reduce the effects of IBS

  • Learn powerfull techniques for recuperative rest & regain control of your sleep

  • overcome confidence issues

  • exam and other performance nerves

  • pain management

  • weight management

  • General and specific areas of stress & anxiety

  • introduce lasting behavioural change

  • preparation and recovery from medical procedures

  • stopping smoking

Therapy Sessions

"what we think affects how we feel and therefore how we behave....."

My Approach

I offer both face-to-face and zoom therapy sessions.

By combining techniques from CBT  Hypnotherapy and using the physical and mental wellbeing foundations of breathwork, mindfulness and deep rest you will learn effective ways to cope and overcome what's been holding you back

About me

I firmly believe that keeping sight of whats important in life and having effective ways of coping with and thriving, despite all the the stress, is something we need to stay connected to .

We all need a hand with this every now and again.

Stress management

We all have experience of stress and how it shows up in our life. Its a fact of life that stress occurs.

Stress managment helps us to understand the biology of stress, its effects on our mind and on our body & gives us practical things we can do about it.

The extent to which stress can effect us is well studied and has led to a wealth of evidence backed ways to reduce its effects and thrive despite its presence in our life.

First steps

Getting to the stage where you would like to seek help can feel like a big step. There are some useful things to bare in mind when finding the right therapist for you.

  • Make sure you feel comfortable talking with the person you'll be  investing time and money with. A good chunk of success in therapy comes down to two people able to communicate well about sensitive and sometimes challenging issues.

  • Check out the therapists qualifications and if they belong to governing associations etc and work to a code of conduct.  

to help the process along I like to have a free informal, no obligation15 minute chat to see if this is right for you and if I can help.

some kind words from clients
I suffer from social anxiety. It is a complex one, I would feel fear when I had to speak with someone on the phone. If I had to call someone, I literally either looked for a different way to contact or was procrastinating until, well, forever. I asked Simon to help me get rid of this problem. We had four sessions and … voila! I don’t even think about it most of the time now.  Just picking up the phone and doing the call.
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